სახანძრო დაცვის სისტემა FIRE CONTROL PANEL FS 4000/4 ZONES
სახანძრო დაცვის სისტემა FIRE CONTROL PANEL FS 4000/4 ZONES

სახანძრო დაცვის სისტემა FIRE CONTROL PANEL FS 4000/4 ZONES


ხანძრის მართვის პანელი FS4000 შექმნილია ჩვეულებრივი ავტომატური ხანძრის დეტექტორებთან და სახელმძღვანელო ზარის წერტილებთან მუშაობისთვის. პანელს აქვს შედეგები, რომელიც გათვალისწინებულია გარე აღმასრულებელი მოწყობილობებისთვის.


Fire control panel FS4000 is designed to operate with conventional automatic fire detectors and manual call points. The panel has outputs provided for external executive devices.

The unit is produced in four versions:
2 fire alarm lines – FS4000/2
4 fire alarm lines – FS4000/4
6 fire alarm lines – FS4000/6
8 fire alarm lines – FS4000/8

Technical features

Fire alarm lines:
– Maximum number of fire detectors in a line: 32
– Connecting line: two-wire
– Maximum resistance of a line: 100 Ω

Current thresholds for:
– Fault condition: 0 – 6 mA
– Duty mode: 6 – 16 mA
– Fire condition: 16 – 80 mA
– Short circuit: > 80 mA

Monitored outputs for fire condition:
– Number: 2 pcs
– Type: potential, relay with independent control
– Electrical characteristics: (19-27.5)V DC/1A

Relay outputs for fire condition:
– Number: 2 pcs
– Type: potential-free,1 switching, 1 NO
– Electrical characteristics: 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition:
– Number: 1 pcs
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical characteristics: 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition:
– Number: 1 pcs
– Type: none-monitored type activated on short-circuit (from potential free contact)
– Electrical characteristics: 5 VDC on normal open state / 0 VDC in activation mode
– Control over fire alarm lines and controllable outputs for fault conditions (short circuit and interruption) and automatic reset.
– Detection of removed fire detector and automatic reset.
– Identification of manual call points.
– LED indication for alarm state and emergency.
– Delay of outputs for fire condition with time period of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 minutes after fire condition is registered.
– Option for ‘LOGICAL AND’ realization of two fire alarm lines.
– Duty Mode condition with direct activation of Fire Condition 2nd Stage ” for two fire alarm lines.
– Status Indication of the device for data transmission RS485.
– Option for switching on/off interface RS485 communication.
– Built-in sounder for fire condition – one tonal, continuous, can be switched off.
– Built-in sounder for fault condition – one tonal, discontinuous, can be switched off.
– Test mode for fire alarm lines.
– Disabling fire alarm lines.
– Disabling outputs for fire condition.
– Expanding the options by means of extra relay outputs for fire condition for each line and built-in RS485 for operation in a local network.
– Input for remote Reset fires operation;

Indications of registered events:
– Light indication: LED
– Sound: Built-in buzzer

Power supply:
– Voltage: (100-240)V AC
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Backup batteries:
– Battery type: lead, gel electrolyte
– Number of batteries: 2 pcs
– Nominal voltage of the backup battery: 12V
– Nominal capacity C20: (7,0) Ah
– Charge voltage: 28V DC

Operation in Duty mode upon interruption in main power supply:
Lines – 24V / 1,2Ah – 24V / 4,5Ah – 24V / 7,0Ah
2 lines – 32 h – 120 h – 180 h
4 lines – 24 h – 98 h – 140 h
6 lines – 20 h – 80 h – 110 h
8 lines – 16 h – 68 h – 90 h

Consumption on backup batteries supply:
– Configuration of 2 lines: < 35 mA at 24V DC
– Configuration of 4 lines: < 45 mA at 24V DC
– Configuration of 6 lines: < 55 mA at 24V DC
– Configuration of 8 lines: < 65 mA at 24V DC

Power supply to external devices:
– Voltage: (19-27)V DC
– Maximum current value (including current of contr.outputs): 1,2A

– Main supply 230V: 4.0 A
– Backup battery: 6.0 A
– Power supply to external devices: 1.85 A automatic
– Monitored outputs: 1.1 A automatic

Dimension: 304mm x 222mm x 94mm
Weight (backup batteries not included): 0.98 kg


User manual v.3
User Manual v.3 TR
Instruction manual v.11
Brochure FS 4000/2/4/6/8


Module FD 4201


Module FD 4201 expands the options of fire control panel FS4000.

It allows:
– Connection of fire control panel FS4000 in a system of a repeater FS5200R and/or several remote fire control panels FS4000, FS5100, FS5200, FS5200E;
– Commanding the fire control panel from the repeater within a network of remote fire control panels
– Control of a relay output for each line that is in Fire condition.

The module could work only with the latest version of the fire control panel FS4000 (fire control panels with serial numbers after 4000). It is manufactured in 4 variants corresponding to the nomenclature of the produced fire control panels FS4000, with 2, 4, 6 or 8 lines, respectively with 2, 4, 6 or 8 relay outputs.
Interface RS485 is an integral part of the module and it is offered in all variants.

The module includes:
– Interface RS485 for connection with repeater FS5200R;
– Potential free relays for Fire condition (one to each line of the fire control panel FS4000).

The communication between the fire control panel and the extension module FD 4201 is executed via a ribbon cable, connecting the fire control panel and the unit. The module is power supplied along the ribbon cable.

Technical Data

Relay outputs for Fire condition
– Type: potential free, switching
– Power supply: 3A/125VAC; 3A/30VDC

Interface RS485
– Network address: fixed – coincides with the serial number of the fire control panel
– Data exchange speed: fixed – 9600 bits/s.

Operational temperature range: from -5оС to 40оС
Relative humidity resistance: max 93% at 40оС
Dimensions: 180 х 65 х 25 mm
Weight: 0,160 kg